Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Clues To Raymond Chandler's Life And Career In Sale Of His Books And Papers

Davis Itzkoff at the New York Times covers the upcoming auction of books and papers that belonged to the late great crime writer Raymond Chandler.

“The very nicest thing Hollywood can possibly think of to say to a writer,” Raymond Chandler wrote, “is that he is too good to be only a writer.” Chandler may have been only a writer himself, but he was a singularly influential one, whose body of work includes the classic detective novels “The Big Sleep” and “Farewell, My Lovely” and contributions to the screenplays for “Double Indemnity” (written with Billy Wilder) and “Strangers on a Train.” Now a sale of books and papers from Chandler’s personal collection offers a unique look at his legacy and literary influence, not to mention his uneasy relationship with that “showman’s paradise,” as he called it, known as Hollywood.  

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