Thursday, September 6, 2012

Crime Prevention: Thieves In South Philadelphia Breaking Into Houses Through Mail Slots reports on a new distrubing crime trend in South Philadelphia.

Thieves have hit upon a new m.o. in South Philadelphia this summer - breaking into homes in broad daylight by removing the front door mail slots, according to police. It's happened at least four times since mid-July, CBS Philly reports, most recently on Tuesday afternoon.

CBS Philly spoke with one victim who wished to remain anonymous, but said, "They unscrewed it and ripped it off. At the same time, they put their hand through to undo the dead bolt down at the bottom."

Which is one reason why law enforcement officers and security professionals recommend that you install a dead bolt lock that uses a key (but don't leave the key in the dead bolt lock).

Elizabeth Hur at offers some crime prevention tips about the above crime and more via the below link:

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