Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The Cinematic Bond At 50: 'Goldfinger' Still Stands Out As The Best James Bond Film

Justin Craig at writes that Goldfinger is still the best James Bond film as the Bond film series marks its 50th anniversary.

We raise our first glass to “Goldfinger,” the third, and arguably best, film based on Ian Fleming’s 007 series. Fast cars, double-crossing women, slick gadgets and outrageous megalomaniacs spell Bond, James Bond and “Goldfinger” is the most essential, most quintessential of all Bond films.

Dodging bullets, hats and an army of beautiful women,007 -- with a license to kill -- races to stop international criminal Auric Goldfinger (Gert Fröbe), the man with the Midas touch, from infiltrating Fort Knox and destroying all its gold, thus making his own stash of treasure rise significantly in value.

Just as exciting, smart and sexy as when it premiered 48 years ago, “Goldfinger,” more than any other Bond film, is a cinematic icon; From Robert Brownjohn’s archetypal opening credits with images projected over a scantily clad Margaret Nolan, to Bond’s signature Aston Martin DB5, to Shirley Eaton’s naked, gold-painted body, to henchman Oddjob’s weapon-of-choice: his hat, to Shirley Bassey’s propulsive and legendary opening title song, “Goldfinger” remains a staple in movie history.

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Note: I agree with Craig that Goldfinger is a great film, but in my view From Russia With Love is the best Bond film and Goldfinger is the second best Bond film.

Also, Craig is mistaken when he notes that the Q character portrayed by Desmond Llewlyn was introduced in Goldfinger. Desmond Llewlyn first appeared as Q in From Russia With Love. And the first Bond film Dr No introduced Q by his name and title Major Boothroyd. The character was portrayed by actor Peter Burton.

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