Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Legendary Undercover FBI Agent Joseph Pistone Testifies At Quebec Commission

The Canadian newspaper the National Post reports on the testimony of legendary FBI special agent Joseph Pistone, who went undercover with the Bonanno Cosa Nostra organized crime family in New York, in Quebec.

The man who infiltrated the New York Mafia and inspired the movie Donnie Brasco is regaling Quebec’s corruption inquiry with tales about his years in the mob.

Joseph Pistone, a legendary FBI agent who spent six years undercover as a Mafia associate, told the Charbonneau Commission about the inner workings of the Mob in the United States during his testimony on Monday.

The commission is looking into criminal corruption in Quebec’s construction industry and its ties to organized crime and political parties.

... Pistone’s undercover work led to some 20 trials and 200 convictions across the U.S. But the Bonanno clan continues to exist to this day, Pistone says, and still has strong ties to groups in Montreal as it did when he was embedded.

Pistone’s testimony at the Charbonneau commission is intended to help the inquiry better understand the murky world of the Mafia as a whole.

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