Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Happy Birthday To C.S. Forester, Author of the Horatio Hornblower Novels

As www.biography.com notes, C.S. Forester was born on this date in 1899.

British writer C.S. Forester was born on August 27, 1899, in Cairo, Egypt.

He wrote many popular novels, but his most famous character was Horatio Hornblower, a British navel officer during the Napoleonic Wars. He wrote 12 novels about Hornblower.

He also worked as reporter in London for The Times. During World War II, he wrote propaganda to convince the U.S. to join the Allies. He died in 1966.

You can visit the Library of Congress page on Forester's Hornblower series via the below link:


Note: I read and enjoyed the Hornblower novels as a teenager and I liked Gregory Peck's portrayal of Hornblower in the film Captain Horatio Hornblower. I also enjoyed Ioan Gruffudd's more recent portrayal of a younger Hornblower in the A&E series.

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