Thursday, August 7, 2014

In And Out Of the Hospital Once Again

I've not posted anything in a while as I was once again in the hospital.

I was scheduled to have a kidney stone removed on Monday morning, but unfortunately on Sunday night my left knee swelled up, causing me great pain.

My kidney stone removal was postponed and I was transferred from the OR to the ER, where my knee was drained of fluids (a very painful act) as the thought was the knee was infected. If the knee had been infected, I would have had a "wash-out" surgerical procedure.

Thankfully, the swelling was caused by a flare of gout. Although the pain from gout is God-awful, it is not usually life-threatening and I'm now being treated with medicine.

I was released from the hospital this afternoon. 

For the past few years, I've have been having trouble with swollen, painful feet, which prevented me from taking the long walks I've always enjoyed. I thought the pain and swelling was from sports and work-related injuries. But now with the gout medication and treatment, I will hopefully be able to take long walks again in a few months.

My doctors also suspect my kidney stone is a product of the gout as well. I'll probably return to the hospital in a few weeks to have the stone removed.

I plan to resume posting again later tonight.