Tuesday, March 7, 2023

FBI Releases Preliminary Statistics On Law Enforcement Officer Deaths In The Line Of Duty From January through February 2023

 The FBI released the statistics on law enforcement officers killed in line of duty from January through February 2023:

In February 2023, four law enforcement officers were feloniously killed, the same number as in February 2022. Firearms were used in all the felonious deaths, while the circumstances surrounding the officers’ deaths included activities related to encounter/assist and emotionally disturbed person (1), investigative/enforcement (1), and pursuits (2). The three law enforcement officers accidentally killed in February 2023 marked a 25 percent decrease from the four accidentally killed in February 2022. The accidental deaths in February 2023 were due primarily to motor vehicle crashes while patrolling (2) and from a fall (1). The Northeast region had the most law enforcement deaths in February 2023 with two felonious deaths. The Midwest, South, and West regions each reported one accidental law enforcement death in the month of February. Two officers died from the following medical conditions in February 2023: One law enforcement officer died due to cancer, and one officer died from other natural causes. 

You can read the data via the below link:

FBI Releases Preliminary Statistics on Law Enforcement Officer Deaths in the Line of Duty from January through February 2023 — LE 

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