Thursday, March 9, 2023

On This Day In History, Crime Writer Mickey Spillane Was Born

On this day in 1918, crime writer Mickey Spillane was born. 

He died in 2006. He was 88.

Spillane was the author (although his distained that word and preferred to be called simply a writer) of I, the Jury and other gritty crime thrillers featuring tough guy private detective Mike Hammer.

Mickey Spillane is also the subject of a current biography written by Max Allan Collins and James L. Traynor. 

I read and enjoyed the biography, called Spillane: The King of Pulp Fiction, and my interview with the authors will appear in my upcoming On Crime column in the Washington Times. 

You can read about the biography via the below link:

Max Allan Collins & James L. Traylor - Spillane: King of Pulp Fiction | The Mysterious Bookshop

You can also read my previous post on Mickey Spillane via the below link:

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