Tuesday, March 28, 2023

Philadelphia City Leaders Condemn Police Officer Over False Accusation

It’s tough to be a cop in Philadelphia.

Not only must cops face gun-wielding criminals, they also face city leadership who rush to judgment against them. 

A. Benjamin Mannes at Broad + Liberty offers a piece and video that appears to vindicate a police officer accused of using a racial slur when confronting a suspect with a gun.

Last Friday, Police Commissioner Danielle Outlaw tweeted about “concerning behavior” regarding an arrest in which police officers surrounded a vehicle in a standoff with a suspect who was ultimately arrested for firearms and narcotics charges. Outlaw’s tweet was in response to a viral video on an anti-police Instagram page on which the person recording the video stated an officer used racial slurs when demanding the suspect comply with their orders. 

In response to the viral video, Outlaw placed the officer on desk duty pending an internal affairs investigation, stating to the Inquirer that he was “allegedly caught on video twice saying a racial slur during an attempted arrest of a person who had a gun.”

(Viewer notice: the videos contain strong language).

Within the next 24 hours, tweets from throughout Philadelphia’s elected political class seemingly condemned the officer’s behavior. However, despite Outlaw publicly placing the officer under investigation and stating her concern over the behavior in the video, sources within the Philadelphia Police Department leaked body-worn camera footage to Broad+Liberty as well as journalist Ralph Cipriano that clearly shows the officer never used a racial slur in the encounter. 

You can read the rest of the piece and watch the videos via the below link:

Ben Mannes: City leaders condemn police officer over false accusation (broadandliberty.com)

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