Tuesday, March 14, 2023

South Philly Mob Legend Joseph “Chickie” Ciancaglini Passes: “Ultimate Stand-Up Guy” was 88 Years Old

Veteran crime reporter Dave Schratwieser at Mobtalksitdown.com reports that Chickie Ciancaglini has died.

Bruno-Scarfo Era Wiseguy Joseph “Chickie” Ciancaglini passed away over the weekend at the age of 88.

Ciancaglini served almost 30 years in federal prison on a variety of racketeering related charges dating back to the days of Mob Bosses Angelo Bruno and Nicodemo Scarfo in early 1980s and returned to South Philadelphia for the final years of his life.

He was a regular at a South Philly corner restaurant almost every day since his release from federal prison in May of 2015. He could often be seen sitting inside or outside drinking coffee and jokingly passing the time with friends and customers stopping in for lunch or a snack.

“He loved to break chops” one South Philly Wiseguy told Mobtalksitdown.com on Monday. “Everybody loved the guy. He was a storyteller, a legendary tough guy who everybody respected. They don’t make guys like Chickie anymore.”

Ciancaglini was convicted of racketeering conspiracy, illegal gambling and a host of other federal charges on June, 25 1982. He was indicted along with 9 other codefendants.

He was indicted a second time while still in federal prison. The second indictment came in January of 1988, it charged Ciancaglini and 18 other LCN members and associates in a wide sweeping case that included Bruno and Scarfo era defendants.

Ciancaglini, identified in the charges as a captain or “capo”, was the only defendant named in both indictments.

You can read the rest of the piece via the below link:

South Philly Mob Legend Joseph “Chickie” Ciancaglini Passes. “Ultimate Stand-Up Guy” was 88 Years Old – Mob Talk Sitdown

Note: I knew Chickie Ciancaglini back in the late 1970s when I and my late friend Buster Starzi used to drink with him at the Roman Gardens, an after-hours club in South Philly. He looked like a tough guy, and he was a tough guy, but he was a friendly and funny guy at the bar.

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