Wednesday, March 22, 2023

Former Navy SEAL And Author Jack Carr’s Take On Famed Author Louis L’Amour, Born On This Day: ‘Nothing Short Of Brilliant'

Jack Carr, the former Navy SEAL who wrote The Terminal List and other thrillers, offers a piece at on the late author Louis L’Amour. 

Louis L’Amour, the "laureate of the lariat," was born on this day in History, March 22, 1908. 


A veteran of World War II, L’Amour worked as an elephant handler, miner, merchant seaman, animal skinner, lumberjack and professional boxer along his journey. 

His breakout novel, "Hondo," was published in 1953. 

It was his novelization of the screenplay and film of the same name starring John Wayne based on L’Amour’s 1952 short story "The Gift of Cochise." 

"Hondo" was published the day the movie hit screens with a blurb from John Wayne stating that "Hondo" was the finest Western he had ever read. 


During his lifetime, Louis L’Amour published over 100 works, including "Last of the Breed," one of the four novels that directly influenced my own thriller, "Savage Son." 

You can read the rest of the piece via the below link:

Jack Carr’s take on famed author Louis L’Amour, born on this day, March 22: ‘Nothing short of brilliant' | Fox News 

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