Monday, March 9, 2020

A Look Back At Mickey Spillane On The Late Crime Writer's Birthday

Otto Penzler, the distinguished publisher and editor of anthologies of crime, mysteries and thrillers, recently told me that he was an admirer of the late crime writer Mickey Spillane.

He mentioned that the late writer and philosopher Ayn Rand, who was also an admirer of Mickey Spillane, once compared Spillane’s and the late novelist Thomas Wolfe’s descriptions of a rainy night in New York. 

She much preferred Spillane’s brief but evocative description to Wolfe’s lengthy description, which ran for six whole pages.

Today is Mickey Spillane’s birthday. He was born on this date in 1918 and he died in 2006. 

He was 88.

As I noted in my Crime Beat column on Mickey Spillane, his novel I the Jury was one of the first crime thrillers I read as a young boy. I thought it was terrific. 

You can read my Crime Beat column on Mickey Spillane via the below link:

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