Friday, April 15, 2011

Blood Into Gold: Former Bonanno Crime Boss' Home Was New York's Answer To Fort Knox

The New York Post reports that former Bonanno crime family boss, Joseph Massino, who is currently testifing againt his successor, told the court that he forfeited four or five hundred gold bars to the feds. The gold bars were hidden in his home in Queens.

According to The Post:

He turned blood into gold.

Former Bonanno boss-turned-rat Joseph "Big Joey" Massino's family home in Howard Beach was Queens' answer to Fort Knox.

The man known as "The Last Don" had hundreds of gold bars stashed in the basement and millions in cash hidden in boxes in his attic -- funds he had set aside as his "pension" for his "golden years," Massino testified in a Brooklyn federal courtroom yesterday.

But Massino gave up the bullion and the rest of his millions following his conviction for seven murders as part of the deal that made him the first mob boss to squeal on the stand, he said at the murder trial of his successor, Vincent "Vinny Gorgeous" Basciano -- who Massino yesterday revealed assumed control without his blessing.

You can read the rest of the newspaper story via the below link:

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