Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A Look Back At Screen Legend John Wayne's Best Known Films

I watched John Ford's great Civil War film The Horse Soldiers again last night.

Ford got a powerful performance from John Wayne, as usual, and he also got a fine performance from co-star William Holden and the many wonderful character actors in the film.

The Horse Soldiers, based on true events in the Civil War, has drama, action, humor and pathos. I've seen The Horse Soldiers more than a dozen times since I was a kid and I still love the film.
The photo above shows Holden on the left, Ford in the middle and John Wayne on the right during the shooting of The Horse Soliders in 1959.

Although they don't mention The Horse Soldiers, Screenjunkies.com offers a list of John Wayne's best known films.

The film web site offers the below:

This John Wayne movies list represents the actor’s most well-known films. “The Duke” embodied rugged masculinity and became a true American icon. His height, his walk, and his distinctive voice made John Wayne famous, as did his vocal conservative, anti-communist views. Of the dozens of John Wayne movies produced through the years, these are his best-known films.

You can see the list via the below link:


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