Monday, April 11, 2011

Prince Of The City: A Look Back At Sidney Lumet's Powerhouse Crime Film

As director Sidney Lumet died Saturday, I watched one of his finest films again last night.

Prince of the City is a gritty and realistic crime film. Treat Williams and Jerry Orbach lead Lumet's  outstanding cast in this powerhouse film.

The 1981 film is based on Robert Daley's outstanding 1978 true crime book about Robert Leuci, an elite NYPD detective who voluntarily went undercover to fight corruption in the legal system, targeting lawyers and political fixers, but in the end he is forced to testify against his fellow detectives. 

You can view the beginning of the outstanding film via the below link:

I interviewed Robert Leuci a while back and you can read the Q & A with the retired detective-turned crime writer via the below link:

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