Saturday, April 9, 2011

A Prince Of The City Himself: New York Film Director Sidney Lumet Dies

Sidney Lumet, the New York director of scores of fine films, died today. He was 86.

Although I didn't always agree with his worldview, I love many of his films, such as his masterpiece, Network.

Lumet made mostly crime dramas. I love Serpico, Q & A, Night Falls on Manhattan, Dog Day Afternoon and many others. I believe Prince of the City is another of his masterpieces.

Prince of the City is based on the true story of a New York City undercover detective who testifies against his fellow detectives. Lumet's work with Treat Williams, Jerry Orbach and the other fine actors in the cast make this police drama a powerhouse of a film.

Prince of the City is a classic crime film, in my view.

(The photo above shows Treat Williams on the left with director Sidney Lumet).

I also loved his work with one of my favorite actors, Sean Connery. Lumet directed Connery in the crime dramas The Anderson Tapes, Family Business, and a little known but great film called The Offense.

Lumet also directed Connery in one of his finest performances in the military prison film, The Hill. 

Sidney Lumet left behind a fine body of work.

You can read Lumet's obituary in The Los Angeles Times via the below link:,0,5850102,full.story

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