Friday, November 16, 2012

Bad Boys, Bad Boys: 'Cops' Makes Crime Pay On TV

I've gone out on 'ride-alongs' with Philadelphia police officers a good number of times.

I've enjoyed my tours out on the mean streets of Philadelphia with Philly's finest.

I've observed the cruel and violent behavior of criminals, the stunned and sad responses of crime victims, and the hard work and often brave actions of the police officers.

I've also been amused by the stupidity and crassness of criminals and by the cop's telling banter. Cops can very funny.

Going out on patrol with cops is more entertaining than watching TV.

Of course Cops, the long-running TV program and the original reality show, offers this experience to TV viewers.          

I've watched the program for years and I own a DVD copy of Cops: The 20th Anniversary Edition. 

Unfortunately, Cops may be in trouble.

John Jurgensen at the Wall Street Journal reports on Cops' history and uncertain future.

How did "Cops" become an American institution?

With its reggae theme song and its unvarnished premise, the influential series remains the TV public's most direct portal to the raw world of street crime, even as competing shows and changes in law enforcement have made "Cops" harder to produce.

Though some TV watchers might be surprised to discover it's still on the air, the show begins a 25th season next month. It is the longest-running entertainment series on prime-time network television. Moreover, 850 episodes in, the series has earned about $400 million through reruns alone. But it's possible this will be its final season on Fox.    

You can read the rest of the story via the below link:

You can also read my magazine piece about my night out with Philadelphia's Narcotics Field Unit South via the below link:

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