Saturday, November 10, 2012

Let's Be Grateful To Petraeus And Remember Him For His Outstanding Service

I concur with Lt. Col Tony Shaffer (ret.), who wrote a piece for and states that we should remember former CIA director General David Petraeus (seen above in his official CIA photo) for his outstanding service.

There is no doubt that General “King David” Petraeus – will be well remembered when history books are written about our generation. Taking command in Iraq, when virtually all had written it off as lost will always be his moment of brilliance and shall not be diminished. He has served this nation with honor and distinction, and frankly still should despite his admission of an extramarital affair on Friday. As in all things, balance is necessary -- and I do not see balance in the current situation.
While I do not know him, many of the senior officers I know and respect have the highest regard for him and his work. There is not one of them who have ever said an ill word about David Petraeus or his personal leadership ability.

What is most important, in my book, is that he was an effective leader, period. His legacy of success will not be diminished by any admission that he has the frailty and weakness of any man – he is human.

You can read the rest of the piece via the below link:  

Note: There are some unanswered questions about the attack on our people in Libya and I believe General Petraeus should appear before Congress and give a full accounting.

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