Friday, November 16, 2012

Mob Fest '29 Debunks Myth Of Organized Crime Summit In Atlantic City In 1929

I read the ebook Mob Fest '29 a few weeks ago and today I interviewed the author, Bill Tonelli.

Byliner, the ebook's publisher, offers the below:

In this brilliantly subversive work, Bill Tonelli investigates the long-standing myth of the mob’s founding—a legendary week in May 1929 in which a who’s who of American crime, led by Al Capone, are said to have assembled in Atlantic City, New Jersey, to make peace and divvy up the country’s illegal enterprises. But what really happened that criminally star-studded week? Tonelli sifts the facts from the malarkey, and in so doing reveals how and why the cops, the mobsters, and the writers who love them prefer not to get their stories straight. Mob Fest ’29 combines the thrills of a mostly true crime story with the madcap scholarship of a savvy Mafia investigator.

Tonelli, like me, was born and raised in South Philadelphia. He went on to become a noted editor and writer.

He's written about organized crime for Philadelphia magazine, the New York Times and Slate. He has also worked as an editor at Esquire, Rolling Stone and Conde Nast Portfolio. He is the editor of The Italian American Reader and the author of The Amazing Story of the Tonelli Family.

I enjoyed reading Mob Fest '29 and I enjoyed interviewing Bill Tonelli. I'll post my Q & A with him here in the coming weeks.

You can purchase a copy of the ebook Mob Fest '29 via the below link:

Note: The above photo of Bill Tonelli was taken by Willie Tonelli.

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