Saturday, November 17, 2012

Oliver Stone's Film 'Savages'

I saw Oliver Stone's film Savages on cable TV last night.

I liked the book better.

Don Winslow's Savages was a good crime thriller, but Stone's film version failed to deliver the novel's irreverent humor and cleverness along with the suspense and action.

I also fault the director's casting of Taylor Kitsch, Blake Lively, and Aaron Taylor-Johnson as the three principal leads. The three young actors were, to me, unremarkable.

The three actors portray California pot growers and dealers who run afoul of a vicious Mexican drug cartel.

Salma Hayek portrays a female Mexican crime boss that wants to take over the California pot operation and Benicio del Toro portrayed her ruthless chief henchman. The two performances were the best part of the film. I also liked John Travolta as a corrupt DEA special agent.

You can read my review of Don Winslow's Savages via the below link:

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  1. STONE still delivering decades stale doper 'decadence'
    even as RED China handover consolidates and a Globalist
    police state is being rolled out.

    ----FINAL EUGENICS are in the air as Stone and franchise
    slum Hollywood generally -----BALK the- -

    200th Anniversary of eh defeat of Napoleonic Globalism

    --100th Anniversary of teh Jeckyl Island coup

    ---40th Anniversary of the Rockefeller-Nixon--MAO handover summit

    ---60th Anniversary of the awesomely relevant
    ---------------------KOREAN WAR----------------------

    Once a soldier Stone, in 2012, ---is AWOL!