Thursday, November 1, 2012

Meteorologist Blasts Al Gore's Claim That Global Warming Caused Hurricane Sandy As 'Stunningly Ignorant Or Stunningly Deceptive'

Al Gore, the self-claimed inventor of the Internet, is claiming that global warming caused Hurricane Sandy. Joe Bastardi blasted Gore on Fox News.

Wednesday on The O’Reilly Factor, two weather experts debated Al Gore’s claims that global warming was to blame for Hurricane Sandy’s wrath. Gore said, “The storms are getting stronger. The stronger storms are getting more frequent. And you know, this is the second time in two years that part of Manhattan has been shut down … But the evidence is now so overwhelming.”

Joe Bastardi, chief meteorologist at WeatherBell Analytics calls Gore’s claims “stunningly ignorant or stunningly deceptive.” According to Bastardi, such storms are nothing new, “In the 1950s […] 10 major hurricanes ran the eastern seaboard. Six hit the Carolinas northward in two years.”

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