Saturday, November 10, 2012

Former Philly Mob Insider 'Bent Finger Lou' Monacello Testifies In Racketeering Trial

John P. Martin at the Philadelphia Inquirer reports on the Philadelphia organized crime trial and the testimony of a former mob associate.

Louis "Bent-Finger Lou" Monacello said he never killed anyone.
He stole cars, supervised gambling operations, collected debts and "tax" payments that reputed Philadelphia mob boss Joseph Ligambi allegedly demanded from other criminals. Occasionally, Monacello told jurors Friday, he smashed windows, slashed tires, even cracked heads.

Once, on orders from above, Monacello staked out a South Philadelphia rival's house for three months before finally catching the man as he left to walk his dog one night, he said. Bat in hand, Monacello went to work. "I swung with all my might," Monacello said, "and split [his] head open."

Monacello, 46, was the latest in a parade of informants and turncoats to testify in the racketeering trial of Ligambi, his nephew George Borgesi, and five other defendants. 

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