Sunday, April 6, 2014

One Good "Turn": AMC's Revolutionary War Spy Drama Begins Tonight

Mark Perigard at the Boston Herald offers a review of AMC's Revolutionary War spy drama Turn.

The spy business hasn’t changed much in the last 240 years.

Sure, the tools have changed, but as AMC’s new drama “Turn” demonstrates, people fall into the profession for all sorts of reasons — ideology sometimes the least important.

The series is based on “Washington’s Spies,” by Alexander Rose, the true story of the Culper Ring, childhood friends who became espionage agents against the British forces occupying New York during the Revolutionary War.

In the extended 90-minute premiere, it’s 1776, and Abraham Woodhull (Jamie Bell, “Billy Elliot,” “Nymph()maniac Volume II”) is a Long Island cabbage farmer whose dreams pretty much extend to seeing his infant son take his first steps.

Politics don’t interest him, and he looks the other way at the British forces controlling the community, even the one soldier billeted in his own home. It’s the price of living these days.

But Abraham discovers that you can’t just sit on the sidelines when revolution comes to your doorstep — or takes over your favorite watering hole.     

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