Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Former South Philly Mob Hitman John Veasey Appeared As Guest Lecturer At West Chester University

Veteran reporter Ralph Cipriano, author of The Hit Man: A True Story of Murder, Redemtion and the Melrose Dinner, offers a piece at on former Cosa Nostra hitman John Veasey.

It was advertised on posters all over campus.

At West Chester University on Tuesday night, the Department of Criminal Justice was presenting the latest in their "Crime & Justice Lecture Series."

Previous lecturers included the former leader of the Pagans motorcycle gang. And a former member of the Mexican Mafia.

On Tuesday, the latest attraction was a former Mafia hit man:

"A poor kid from South Philly" who "survived three gunshots to the head, to become a federally protected witness who brought down the Philly mob," the posters said. "And then reinvented himself as a wildly successful car salesman."

Yep, "John-John" Veasey, the former high school dropout, was appearing live at West Chester University to talk about his life in the Mafia and the witness protection program. And his current reincarnation as a born again, right-wing Republican, and multimillionaire car dealer.

Veasey was the invited guest of Al DiGiacomo, a former Philly cop who is a criminal justice professor at West Chester U.

"He's real," DiGiacomo told the students about his guest.

Back in the 1990s, when he was captain of detectives in South Philadelphia, DiGiacomo was the commander whose men were chasing Veasey around town during a mob war. That war featured hits "downtown," as the locals refer to South Philly, and shootouts on the Expressway.

You can read the rest of the piece via the below link:

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