Sunday, October 20, 2013

Crime Lord Hid Drugs In Frederick Forsyth Novels In Multi-Million Pound Plot

Owen Bennett at the British newspaper the Daily Express offers a piece on a criminal smuggling drugs in Frederick Forsyth's novels.

A crime lord used hollowed-out novels by Daily Express columnist Frederick Forsyth to smuggle drugs into Britain in a multi-million pound trafficking plot worthy of the thriller writer.

Mr Big”, Mohammed Imran Khan, 34, ordered his accomplices to partially cut out pages from the hardback books then store drugs inside them as part of a plan to flood the UK with "huge swathes" of heroin from Pakistan.

Police found a hollowed out copy of Forsyth's Fourth Protocol during a series of raids on properties across the North of England which were run by Khan and his gang.

It emerged some of his associates had also been involved in shipping drugs to Britain stashed in children's jackets and bars of soap.

You can read the rest of the piece via the below link: 

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