Friday, October 4, 2013

Video Interview: William Boyd On Bond

The James Bond web page MI6 offers a video interview with William Boyd, the author of a new continuation novel featuring Ian Fleming's iconic character James Bond.

In this first of a three part video, author William Boyd talks about reading Ian Fleming's novels in his youth and how he has delved deep in to the life of James Bond in order to pen the continuation novel 'Solo'.

He also comments that as a continuation author he is writing his own novel within the framework, rather than a pastiche of Ian Fleming's style - a stinging put down of exactly how Sebastian Faulks approached his top selling but poorly reviewed 'Devil May Care'.
You can watch the first video via the below link:

And you can watch parts two and three of the video interview with William Boyd via the below link:  

And you can read my Philadelphia Inquirer review of Sebastian Faulks' Devil May Care via the below link:

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