Sunday, October 6, 2013

James Bond Is "Emotionally" A Scot, Says The "Authorized Biographer" Of 007

The Scottish newspaper the Daily Record & Sunday Mail offers a piece on the Scottish background of Ian Fleming's fictional character James Bond, based on John Pearson's the author of James Bond: The Authorized Biography.  
In his 1973 novel, purporting to be an "authorised biography" of 007, John Pearson writes about meeting the real-life spy James Bond who was turned into a fictional hero by Ian Fleming to hoodwink Britain's enemies.
ALL that Ian Fleming had disclosed were the bare facts of his hero’s parentage. The father, Andrew Bond, had come from Glencoe in Argyll, whilst the mother, Monique, was a Delacroix from the Swiss canton of Vaud.

I was surprised to see that James Bond was evidently proud of his Scottishness, talking nostalgically about the family’s stone house in the Highlands.

He said the only roots he felt were there.

“I always felt myself emotionally a Scot. I don’t feel comfortable in England.

“When I die, I want my ashes scattered in Glencoe.”

You can read the rest of the piece via the below link:

Note: John Pearson, who worked with Ian Fleming at the British newspaper the Sunday Times, also wrote a good biography of Fleming.   

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