Monday, August 19, 2019

Philly D.A. Got Stiffed The Night Six Cops Were Shot

Veteran journalist Ralph Cipriano offers a piece at on the cold shoulder Philadelphia District Attorney Larry Krasner received from the cops on the night of the standoff when six police officers were wounded.

During the nonstop media coverage of the shooting of six Philly cops, one public official was never out of range of the TV cameras -- District Attorney Larry Krasner.

He was there on camera with the mayor, he was there on camera with the police commissioner, he was there on camera talking with cops on the street. Which is kind of amazing considering that Progressive Larry is pretty much uniformly despised by the men and women in blue. The local chapter of the FOP has even paid for billboards advertising for a new D.A.

But Krasner has chutzpah, and loves the limelight. So on Thursday night, while the bullets were flying, Krasner even tried to visit the six wounded officers at the two hospitals were they were being treated, with little success.

"When he arrived at Temple [University Hospital] I informed him that he was not welcome," FOP President John McNesby wrote in an email about Krasner. "The officers did not wish to see him."

Three wounded officers were treated at Temple and released. The other three wounded officers were treated at Einstein Medical Center, and also released.

Krasner also tried to visit the wounded officers at Einstein.

"I wasn't there," McNesby said. "One [wounded officer] denied him access. The other two were caught off guard and blew him off with brief answers."

"He was there for the cameras," McNesby said dismissively about Krasner.

A spokesman for Krasner did not return a request for comment. When asked at a press conference whether he was barred from visiting the wounded officers at the hospital, Krasner denied it.

McNesby also was outspoken about the upcoming prosecution of the suspect, Maurice Hill, 36, a career criminal with a dozen arrests on his rap sheet, including six convictions for illegal possession of guns, drug dealing and aggravated assault.

"I hope the U.S. Attorney takes the case," McNesby said.

He was referring to U.S. Attorney William McSwain's promise at a press conference that his office would provide "adult supervision" for Krasner, and that the feds were closely monitoring Progressive Larry's handling of the case. 

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