Monday, August 12, 2019

On This Day In history Ian Fleming, Author Of The James Bond Thrillers, Died

As notes, on this day in 1964 Ian Fleming, a World War II naval intelligence officer, journalist and author of the James Bond thrillers, died. 

On this day in 1964, the British author and journalist Ian Fleming, creator of James Bond, the world’s most famous fictional spy, dies of a heart attack at age 56 in Kent, England. Fleming’s series of novels about the debonair Agent 007, based in part on their dashing author’s real-life experiences, spawned one of the most lucrative film franchises in history. 

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On that day in 194 I was a 12-year-old sitting in the back seat of my father's car when I heard on the car radio that Ian Fleming had died. I was thunderstruck.

In the months prior to that sad announcement I had been reading through Ian Fleming's James Bond thrillers. Having loved the first two Bond films, Dr. No and From Russia With Love, starring Sean Connery as James Bond, I began reading the novels. I was pleased to discover that the books were darker and more complicated than the films and I've been an Ian Fleming aficionado ever since. 

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Below is Ian Fleming's obituary, which appeared in the Philadelphia Inquirer

To learn more about Ian Fleming, you can read John Pearson and Andrew Lycett’s biographies of him.

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