Monday, October 7, 2019

A Little Humor: The Lawyer's Dog

A lawyer’s dog was running around the neighborhood unleashed and he entered a butcher shop and stole a roast. 

The butcher went to the lawyer’s office and asked the lawyer, “If a dog is running unleashed and steals a piece of meat from my shop, do I have a right to demand payment for the meat from the dog’s owner?”

The lawyer answers, “Absolutely.”

“Then you owe me $8.50,” the butcher said, thinking he was clever and outwitted the lawyer. “Your dog was loose today and stole a roast from me today.”

Without a word, the lawyer wrote the butcher a check for $8.50.

Later that week, the butcher received a letter. He opened the letter and found an invoice from the lawyer. 

The invoice was in the amount of $25 due for a consultation.

Note: The above photo is of the late, great comic Groucho Marx in character as crooked lawyer Waldorf T. Flywheel, of the law firm Flywheel, Shyster and Flywheel.  

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