Friday, May 6, 2022

A Little Humor: The Gator In The Pool

 A wealthy, eccentric man threw a large party at his mansion.   

He took his guests outside and showed them his large pool and the huge alligator swimming in it. 

Like the proverbial genie, he announced to his guests that anyone who would dare jump in the pool, swim across and avoid getting killed by the alligator would be granted three wishes, regardless of the cost. 

He had no takers, as the guests saw the huge, fierce-looking alligator swimming back and forth in the pool.   

Then the wealthy man heard a splash.  

A man swam across the pool like crazy, somehow avoided the alligator, and came out of the pool on the other side. 

The wealthy man and the other guests clapped and cheered.

The host slapped the man on the back. 

"Good job. So, what are your three wishes?"

The man, soaking wet and shaking, replied, "Number one, give me a shotgun. Number two give me some shells, and number three, point out the asshole who pushed me in the pool."

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