Wednesday, June 26, 2019

FBI Fighting For The Dogs: Civil Forfeiture Speeds Recovery For Dogs Rescued From Fighting Rings

The FBI offers information on dogs rescued from a dogfighting network.
A New Mexico man’s long journey through the legal process for his extensive role in a dogfighting network—from his arrest in 2016 to his guilty plea last year to his sentencing last month—raises a logical question: What happens to the rescued dogs as the case is wending its way through the courts?
Robert Arellano, of Albuquerque, was sentenced April 4 in federal court in New Jersey to four years in prison for his involvement in a multi-state dogfighting network. When he and others were arrested in a coordinated operation spanning five states and the District of Columbia, investigating agencies, including the FBI, rescued 85 dogs.
What happened next was a tightly orchestrated process involving the U.S. Marshals Service, animal rescue organizations, federal agents, and a small cadre of Department of Justice (DOJ) prosecutors and federal forfeiture attorneys. Their collective goal, refined over years, is to get recovered dogs screened, treated, rehabilitated when feasible, and, if appropriate, adopted out to new families as soon as possible.
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