Saturday, June 15, 2019

Is Shaft The Black James Bond?

In my Crime Beat column back in 2015 I noted that a remake of the film Shaft was in the works. 

The black private detective character was originally portrayed in the 1971 film by a black actor, Richard Roundtree, and by another black actor, Samuel L. Jackson, in a 2000 remake.

Should a white actor, I asked in my column, now be cast as John Shaft in the newest remake?


No more ridiculous that a black actor portraying James Bond. 

Well, the new Shaft film has finally been made and released and a black actor, Samuel L. Jackson (seen in the above photo), is back as John Shaft. 

And in the film a character calls Shaft “the Black James Bond.”

I rest my case. 

You can read my Crime Beat column on a black James Bond via the below link:

You can also read my Washington Times piece on a female James Bond via the below link: 

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