Monday, January 10, 2011

Peter Yates, Director Of The Iconic Crime Film Bullitt, Died Yesterday

Peter Yates, the British director of the classic crime film Bullitt, died yesterday. He was 81.

Yates, seen above on the right in a photo with actor Steve McQueen, also directed another great American crime film, The Friends of Eddie Coyle (not Eddy Coyle, as the British newspaper, The Telegraph, stated).

You can read more about Yates and his life and career via the below link:

And, as the HMSS Weblog informs us, Peter Yates also directed one of my favorite TV programs from the 1960s, Secret Agent (known as Danger Man in the United Kingdom).

The clever spy series stared the late, great Patrick McGoohan (seen in the below photo).

You can read more about Yates and the TV program and watch a short video via the below link:

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