Wednesday, February 20, 2013

North Philadelphia Drug Kingpin Trial: Christmas, Cocaine And A Red Lobster Gift Certificate

Veteran organized crime reporter George Anastasia is covering the federal drug kingpin trial of Kaboni Savage in Philadelphia for

Kaboni Savage worked holidays.

The North Philadelphia drug kingpin made major cocaine purchases on Thanksgiving and Christmas, according to a big-time coke dealer who testified for the prosecution this afternoon at Savage's drug trafficking/murder trial.

The fact that Savage was under house arrest and wearing a court-ordered electronic ankle bracelet at the time didn't slow him down, said Juan Rosado as he described holiday deliveries that he made to Savage's home on Darien Street in North Philadelphia in November and December 2000.
Rosado, a self-described "multi-million dollar cocaine trafficker," was the second supplier to testify for the government in the Savage trial, which is now in its third week. The trial, which is expected to last from three to four months, stems from a 12-year FBI investigation into the Savage organization.

The case includes allegations of drug dealing, money-laundering and 12 murders. Authorities allege that Savage, 38, a former boxer, used fear, intimidation and violence to control a drug network that pumped hundreds of kilograms of cocaine onto the streets of Philadelphia.

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