Thursday, February 21, 2013

Wanted Dead Or Alive: Manhunts From Geronimo To Bin Laden: My Q & A With Author Benjamin Runkle

My Q&A with Benjamin Runkle, the author of Wanted Dead or Alive: Manhunts From Geronimo To Bin Laden, was published this week in Counterterrorism magazine.

Benjamin Runkle is a former paratrooper and presidential speechwriter with a Harvard PhD and a Bronze Star from Operation Iraqi Freedom.

The Washington Times noted: "In Wanted Dead or Alive, Mr Runkle accomplishes two seemingly contradictory feats. His colorful, fast-paced accounts of each manhunt appeal to those who enjoy a good adventure story, but his keen strategic insight provides ample material for further reflection."

Former Delta Force commander "Dalton Fury" noted: "Wanted Dead or Alive is a tall-boy energy drink for our modern day specops warriors."

You can read the piece below:

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