Thursday, February 14, 2013

Fort Hood Hero Kimberly Munley Says President Obama Betrayed Massacre Victims: Members Of Congress Demand Administration Classify Fort Hood Massacre An Act Of Terrorism

ABC News reports on the claims of betrayal by Fort Hood massacre victims, including former Fort Hood hero police officer Kimberly Munley (seen in the above White house photo with President Obama).

Former Officer Kimberly Munley, one of the heroes in the Fort Hood massacre, is coming out strongly against President Obama, telling ABC News that he has broken his promise to make sure the victims of the shooting would be taken care of. The ABC interview also featured video not previously released of the gruesome Fort Hood scene right after the massacre.

“Betrayal would be a good word. Not to the least little bit have the victims have been taken care of … In fact, they’ve been neglected very badly,” Munley said in the interview.

She and other Fort Hood victims are suing the military, claiming the government’s classification of the massacre as workplace violence is nothing short of political correctness, and it means less medical care and benefits for them.

... The letter recommends that members of Congress view the ABC News report, "which highlights the broken promises made to the victims of that attack by the Obama Administration. The video contains never-seen-before footage of the terrorist attack and moving interviews with several of the survivors."

You can read the rest of the piece and watch the ABC News video via the below link: 

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