Sunday, February 24, 2013

Matt Helm World War II Prequel Available On Kindle

Donald Hamilton's 1960s-era secret agent character Matt Helm is making a comeback, as I noted in a previous post -

Not only is Titan reissuing Hamilton's Matt Helm spy thrillers in paperback, but now there is also a Matt Helm prequel written by Ken Wease that covers Helm's World War II years.

The always interesting web site The HMSS Weblog reports that Matt Helm: The War Years is available on Kindle.

Wease tells us:

Although a cold-blooded killer, Matt Helm has a superb sense of humor, a sharp opinion on just about everything, and is quite capable of falling in love (or lust) during his missions. This book is about his WWII experiences, from his initial recruitment into the agency, his training, and his missions during the war. Matt Helm fans will know the ending, but it would be a “spoiler” to mention it here.

I have been a Donald Hamilton fan since the 1960s and, when he died, decided to write the prequel. Having read the Matt Helm series several times, I researched everything Donald Hamilton wrote about Matt Helm’s wartime experiences and his pre-war life. Incorporating direct quotes from the books, and my own imagination, I filled in many of his mission details (including, of course, the one featuring Tina, who shows up in the first Matt Helm novel, Death of a Citizen) and added several of my own, trying to keep the narrative authentic to Donald Hamilton’s style.

The book was approved by Donald Hamilton’s son (who is CEO of the company holding the rights), who told me that I had “captured Don’s voice quite successfully” and that it was “All in all, a quite good read!”  

You can read the rest of the HMSS piece via the below link: 

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