Tuesday, April 30, 2013

North Philadelphia Drug Kingpin Murder-Racketeering Trial: Prosecutor Cites "Kaboni Savage In His Own Words"

Veteran organized crime reporter George Anastasia is covering the federal murder-racketeering Kaboni Savage trial in Philadelphia for Bigtrial.net.

The question is at the heart of the prosecution's case against North Philadelphia drug kingpin Kaboni Savage.

"How does he run from his own words?" Assistant U.S. Attorney John Gallagher asked a federal jury today as he detailed the case against Savage and three co-defendants in closing arguments at the 13-week old trial.

Alternately methodical, articulate, impassioned and poignant, Gallagher laid out the case for more than five hours to a jury that could determine whether Savage and two of those co-defendants live or die. All three face potential death sentences in convicted of any of the 12 homicides that are part of the case.

Savage, Gallagher argued, used a "scorched earth strategy" to control his drug empire and to silence witnesses who might cooperate against him.

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