Wednesday, July 13, 2022

One True Sentence: A Look Back At Hemingway's First Novel, 'The Sun Also Rises'

The Sun Also Rises was the first Ernest Hemingway novel I read when I was a teenager.

I was much taken with the story, the characters, the language, and the atmosphere of the novel, which was set in post-WWI France and Pamplona, Spain, the location of the famous running of the bulls. 

I became a Hemingway aficionado, and I went on to read all of Hemingway’s novels. I also read his great short stories, which in my view, are even better than his novels. The Killers, 50 Grand, and The Battler are three classic Hemingway stories that remain my favorites. 

I’ve also read nearly everything written about Hemingway and I’ve reviewed books about Hemingway for the Philadelphia Inquirer and the Washington Times. 

So as a Hemingway aficionado, I was pleased to listen to John J. Miller’s The Great Books podcast at National Review, which featured a conversation about The Sun Also Rises with Mark Cirino, the author of One True Sentence: Writers & Readers On Hemingway’s Art.

You can listen to the interesting conversation via the below link:

The Great Books -- Episode 236: 'The Sun Also Rises' by Ernest Hemingway | National Review

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