Thursday, December 8, 2022

Hey, China. Say Hello To My New Friend: U.S. Air Force Unveils New Nuclear Stealth Bomber, The B-21 Raider

Developed by Northrop Grumman, the B-21 Raider is a long-range strike bomber carrying both conventional and nuclear payloads. The B-21 will replace the older B-1 and B-2 aircraft. 

“The B-21 will join the nuclear triad as a visible and flexible nuclear deterrent; supporting national security objectives and assuring our nation’s allies and partners,” said a Northrop Grumman spokesperson. “The B-21 will be capable of penetrating the toughest defenses to deliver precision strikes anywhere in the world.” 

“The B-21 Raider will provide formidable combat capability across a range of operations in highly contested environments,” said General C.Q. Brown Jr, the U.S. Air Force Chief of Staff. 

The above photo of the B-21 was taken by Staff Sergeant Jeremy Mosier

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