Thursday, November 14, 2019

A Little Humor: A Gorilla Walks Into A Bar

A gorilla walks into a bar. He ordered a dry martini to the amazement of the bartender.

When the bartender gave the gorilla the martini, he’s further surprised to see that the ape is holding a $20 bill..

The bartender took the $20 and then he decided to see just how smart the gorilla was, so he handed the gorilla $1 change.

The gorilla quietly sipped the martini until the bartender brook the silence.

“We don’t get too many apes in here,” he said.

The gorilla replied, “At $19 a drink, I’m not surprised.”

Note: The above photo is from a Three Stooges short film that I recently watched on METV called Crime On Their Hands

Moe, Larry and Shemp are budding crime reporters on a story about a stolen diamond when they encounter the gorilla. 

I loved the Three Stooges as a kid and I still get a kick out of them.  

You can watch the short Three Stooges film via the below link: 

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