Monday, February 21, 2022

It’s George Washington’s Birthday, Not Presidents Day: Celebrating The Indispensable Man

Although the holiday was changed to President’s Day, for me, this day is a celebration of the first and best president in our history, George Washington. In American history, he is truly the indispensable man. 

Michael McKenna offers this shared view in his Washington Times column:


In the deep of a cold night almost 250 years ago, the remnants of an army waited for their turn to cross a river and head toward their enemy in hopes of surprising them on Christmas. Most troops had less than a week left in their enlistments and were already preparing to head home.

The fading prospects for American independence would go with them.


It would have been easy for those soldiers to have slipped off into the night, to not have gotten on the boats for this one final, probably pointless battle. However, just about all of them stayed to cross the Delaware, march to Trenton, and surprise and defeat the Hessians there on Dec. 26, 1776. More than any other, that victory changed the fortunes of the Revolution.

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