Friday, March 11, 2022

What's The Greatest Newspaper Crime Movie Ever Made? Newsman Keith Roysdon Investigates A Favorite Sub-Genre Of Crime.

As a writer who has covered the crime beat for newspapers for a good number of years, as well as a life-long film buff, I’m naturally drawn to newspaper crime films. 

Ace in the Hole, His Gal Friday, The Front Page and – 30 – are some of my favorites, and Keith Roysdon, a veteran newspaper reporter, mentions them and other films in his piece on newspaper crime films for 

As Roysdon notes in his piece, newspapers and crime are a natural fit for film.  

You can read the piece via the below link:

What’s the Greatest Newspaper Crime Movie Ever Made? ‹ CrimeReads

Note: Above and below are photos of Kirk Douglas in Ace in the Hole. 

Also below are photos of Cary Grant from His Gal Friday, Jack Webb from – 30 – and Walter Mathau and Jack Lemmon in The Front Page.


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