Tuesday, August 9, 2022

Mafia Democracy: My Washington Times 'On Crime' Column On Former Cosa Nostra Crime Boss Michael Franzese

The Washington Times ran my On Crime column on Mafia Democracy, former Colombo Cosa Nostra caporegime Michael Franzese’s book. (Michael Franzese is seen in the below photo).

In “Mafia Democracy: How Our republic Became a Mob Racket,” author Michael Franzese claims that politicians are acting like organized crime members.


He should know, as Michael Franzese was a Cosa Nostra Colombo crime family caporegime. He spent more than 20 years in organized crime prior to walking away from the criminal life. Today, he is a popular Christian public speaker, podcaster and author.


In “Mafia Democracy,” Mr. Franzese points out how politicians profit from their public service and serve themselves more than the public they were elected to serve.


Rudy Giuliani, the federal prosecutor who once tried to put Mr. Franzese in prison, wrote the foreword to the book.


“Michael’s view of politics comes from a perspective that few people get to have. He’s seen what the criminal life is like, and he knows how criminals victimize those around them. So when Michael sees this behavior in our elected officials, he feels compelled to point out what’s happening and attempt to stop it,” Mr. Giuliani wrote. “Let’s join him in that effort.”

I reached out to Mr. Franzese and asked him why he wrote the book.

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