Thursday, December 13, 2012

South Philly Slaying Could Be City's First Mob Hit In A Decade

William Bender and Morgan Zalot at the Philadelphia Daily News offer another piece on the apparent mob murder in South Philadelphia.

IT HAD BECOME the defense team's mantra: The Philly Mafia doesn't whack people anymore.
No murders in nearly a decade. Reputed mob boss Joseph "Uncle Joe" Ligambi and his associates were being prosecuted for "racketeering-lite." Sure, maybe they owned some video-poker machines and loaned cash at high interest rates - but, hey, so does SugarHouse Casino and Capital One.

But on Wednesday - the same day federal prosecutors rested their case against Ligambi and his top lieutenants - a body dropped in South Philly in what could be the city's first mob hit since 2003.

You can read the rest of the story via the below link:

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