Thursday, December 12, 2013

Martin Cruz Smith Talks About Russia, Life With Parkinson's And What's Wrong With Crime Fiction

I recently read Martin Cruz Smith's crime thriller Tatiana and I enjoyed it. I've read and enjoyed all of Smith's Arkady Renko novels, begining with Gorky Park. 

So I was interested in reading Jeff Baker's interview with Smith in the Oregonian.

Martin Cruz Smith moves slowly into the lobby of the Hotel Monaco and eases down onto a couch next to the fireplace.

"Time to bring the old horse back to the barn," he says and laughs.

Smith is at the end of a cross-country tour to promote his novel "Tatiana,"the eighth featuring Russian police inspector Arkady Renko. Smith says the tour zigged and zagged from one city to the next so much that "if you tried to connect the dots, you'd end up with something like a giraffe."

Smith says he's tired but wears his 71 years as easily as he wears a stylish jacket and scarf. He laughs often and is open about discussing anything from the state of modern Russia to his recent revelation that he's been suffering from Parkinson's for a decade and has to dictate his books to his wife Em.    

You can read the interview via the below link:

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