Wednesday, July 12, 2017

On This Day In History Wild Bill Hickok’s Fought His First Gunfight

As notes, on this day in 1861 the legendary Western gunman Wild Bill Hickok fought his first gunfight.

Wild Bill Hickok begins to establish his reputation as a gunfighter after he coolly shoots three men during a shootout in Nebraska.

Born in Homer (later called Troy Grove), Illinois, James Butler Hickok moved to Kansas in 1855 at the age of 18. There he filed a homestead claim, took odd jobs, and began calling himself by his father’s name, Bill. A skilled marksman, Hickok honed his abilities as a gunslinger. Though Hickok was not looking for trouble, he liked to be ready to defend himself, and his ability with a pistol soon proved useful.

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  1. Good stuff, Paul.
    Here's more:
    The moral of the story: don't play poker.

  2. R.T.,

    I was a poker player for many years. The moral should be play poker with your back to the wall if you're Wild Bill Hickok.

    Thanks for the link.