Wednesday, August 29, 2018

A Look Back At Ian Fleming's Psychotic Moon Killer Red Grant In 'From Russia With Love'

Ian Fleming’s From Russia With Love is one of the greatest Cold War spy thrillers, in my view, equal to any Graham Greene or John le Carre spy novel. 

In addition to Ian Fleming’s iconic character James Bond, there are other memorable characters in the thriller, such as Darko Kerim, Tania, Rosa Klebb and psychotic assassin Donovan “Red” Grant.  


The late actor Robert Shaw (seen in the above and below photos) was near perfect as Grant in the film From Russia With Love, which happens to be my favorite Bond film. Shaw’s train compartment fight with Sean Connery’s Bond was one of the best fights in cinematic history. offers Fleming's opening passage in From Russia With Love on Grant. You can read about Grant via the below link:

You can purchase From Russia With Love Via the below link:

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