Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Frederick Forsyth: The One Lesson I've From Life: If You Want An Interesting Life, Go Out And Get One

My Patricia Nicol at the Daily Mail offers an interview with one of my favorite writers, Frederick Forsyth, author of the classic thriller, The Day of the Jackal, a memoir, The Outsider: My Life in Intrigue, and his new thriller, The Fox.

My days of dodging bullets are well and truly over. Still, I’ve had an exciting life. I’ve seen around 70 countries, scuba-dived, gone game-fishing and been in a few firefights.

I’ve had exceptional luck to emerge without a scratch from some places. Bullets have missed me, bombs have fallen too far away to hurt me and mortars have landed almost at my feet.

Former RAF pilot and foreign correspondent Frederick Forsyth, 80, revealed how advice from his father to go out and get an interesting life influenced his decisions 

I believe a young man or woman is dye-stamped with their character between the ages of four and 18. In my case, the primordial influence in my boyhood was my father. He taught me his standards and they’ve never left me.

He told me: ‘Look, lad, you’ve only got one life. It’s not a rehearsal. Not one hour will ever be repeated. Make up your mind, young, what kind of life you want to have, then go for it. Basically, there are two choices: interesting or dull.’ 

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